Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dance in Freedom

This place has taught me how to let go.

I think back to my Sunday mornings at Central secondary school. My heart bursts with love for those students. They teach me so much as I live life beside them. They show me how to be unashamed in my pursuit and expression towards God.

Each morning when I arrive the dancing has already begun. They love to sing, they love to dance. They have the stamina to dance their way though an ironman triathlon with ease. I consider the cardio regimen I'll have to pencil into my weekly schedule just to keep up with them but I breathlessly follow their lead.

Dust billows as they shuffle and jump. It's just their voices and the drum. It's just them with the joy of the Father.

They sing, "Higher, higher, higher, Jesus higher!" and they wave their arms in the air, reaching to the heavens, jumping with unconstrained joy.

I laugh because I feel foolish at times but when I see them I'm overcome by their carefree love for the King.

I dance, I sing, I jump, I let go.

photo by M Peg Achterman