Monday, September 5, 2011

part of a bigger family

This Sunday our group experienced our first traditional Rwandan church service! 7 songs, 3 preachers and 4 hours later the service had came to an end. Oh, and did I mention that they had our group do a song special for the congregation? We decided seconds before we walked in without practice or really even remember the lyrics fully but it was still hilariously great. Then to top it all they had us dance on stage with them, which I clearly seized the opportunity to reach back to my non-existent African roots. Regardless, it has been one of my favorite experiences yet. Afterwards, we got invited to our friend Justin's home to share a meal with his family (he's the one in the plaid) which the Rwandan hospitality was such a treat. The last picture is from tonight... me and another one of the girls took a bus to a hotel to listen to some live music. It is the actual hotel that the movie "Hotel Rwanda" is based on. Always enjoyable getting out of the house and enjoying the company of another.

We all got pulled up on stage to join them for a group song with plenty of dancing!
Group picture on Safari
 Blues and Jazz night at Hotel Del Mille Collines.

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  1. Oh Lindsey- this not only made me miss YOU but it made me miss Africa :) you and so glad you are there growing and touching loves and being touched!!!!!