Thursday, September 8, 2011

This was my day today...

Usually I'm off to play futbol with all the boys but i've been noticing more and more that there is a huge separation between the girls and boys when it comes to sports. One of the things that have drawn me into sports education has been the specific aspect of empowering the girls and women. All of that to say... I spent today dancing, being laughed at, and playing excessive amounts of tag with all the girls.
This game here was outrageous! We all played it in a group and the foot you put out challenges the other players foot and if you do the same one you lose. Let's just say they were really graceful when they pulled me into the circle and I couldn't c-walk like they could.
Then they played and sang so many great songs with me. Some of them we would join hands, spin, stop and drop to the group. All of them brought me waaay too much laughter and joy. On the other side of that we played tag for days. I think I probably ran like 10 miles with those crazy gals and it didn't make it any easier that they were all as fast as lightening! We even played a game known as "stick" that is basically a relay where you again run your life away. I definitely got my fair share of exercise today. Eventually, after a good hour and a half of running and tag I vouched for some sitting games. I'd like to say it's probably the elevation at 6,000 feet that leaves me so winded but in reality I think the delicious food here has done me in.

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