Friday, August 24, 2012

Why do I go?

The day is quickly approaching where I will gather my things and move to a country that is completely foreign to the life I am living now.

Why do I go?

Life seems rich here. I have depth in friendship, an incredible community, encouragers, mentors, best friends, and family. I live in the most beautiful area with lakes, mountains, trees, the great outdoors, hikes, beaches, waterfronts and adventure... the works, really. I have comfort, a nice living space on a gorgeous hill overlooking Seattle, coffee shops, free wifi, great food, an abundance of stores, the list goes on... it is the world at my fingertips. I also have a great job where I am paid very well to do things like play tether ball, get ice cream, make forts, go to the park and romp around until bed time comes and I love it. Truly.

I feel comfortable here, secure. And at times when I think about leaving I get scared, anxious and I fight the coming change. Life here is so rich and luxurious!

So why do I go?

It's simple. Following the call of God will always surpass the call to comfort and the return will always be greater. Always.

That's what leads me to the dusty red roads of Uganda. It's what drives me to fight the feelings and fears of my flesh and to trust fully in Him. It's what fills my heart with excitement and hopeful anticipation for this next chapter of life. It's why I gladly accept hardship and difficulty because I know the joys and beauty will be even greater.

God is so faithful and so good. He gently whispers and pursues, filling every emptiness with His grace and love. The promises He so kindly reminds me of move me... I will give you deeper friendship, richer community, a loving family and a lifetime of adventures. Greater things are coming.

This is why I go.


  1. I LOVE those words! Crazy how God uses people to rock this world! You are going incredible places! Praying for you and want to hear all about what you are doing there!

  2. Because you have a lot to leave, you have been given an abundance of character to take and share with Uganda. And you will, most definitely, rock your world with each human encounter.