Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Home!

It is very exciting to be writing to all of you from my new home in Hoima, Uganda! All the anticipation and preparation has lead up to this point and now me and my dear friend Julia are finally here! Our first full day in Hoima was spent in the company of our friends here at the church. It was another warm welcome and return to the faces and hearts of the ones I love. The second day we spent at the school and around town running errands. Another glorious welcome from all the children at the school… there really couldn’t be a better welcoming party than having classrooms of giggling children wrap themselves around your waist. It’s been so nice settling in, relaxing and getting re-accustomed to life here.

I also want to take this time to make a note to anyone who received my support letter and is now reading along… there was so much more I wished to write to all my friends and family members who received one but space limitations really condensed my writing. First things, although it was a long process of getting out over 180 letters, I want you all to know that there was great joy in writing to you, whether I know you well or not… know that I prayed over each person I sent a letter to and will continue to be praying for an overwhelming sense of God’s presence to follow you in this next year. It is really such a joy to me to invite you in on the work we are doing here in Uganda.

Since my time in Rwanda, God really challenged my ideas and plans when it came to moving overseas. I thought what was responsible would be most noble after graduation, get a job to pay off my student loans so I could be free to live overseas without any burden. As if God would not free us of the burden to carry out His mission. My heart was quickly challenged in the area of raising funds to volunteer my gifts and abilities, wherever needed. That journey of removing the financial confines I had placed God in has led me to where I am now… completely relying on Christ and His provision for all my needs and believing that He will fulfill all He has called me to.

Knowing now that God has not created too many people and not enough resources, I walk boldly and confidently into this next year as a volunteer with UAOG Rescue. I am honored to take this position, move my life here and serve people passionately with a full love, given to me by Christ.

It has also been such a humbling journey receiving God’s provision through those around me, through many of you… There hasn’t been a single gift that has been given that hasn’t been received with a heart sopping with gratitude and joy. I’ve watched God provide for me and build my confidence in the work taking place here through the financial blessings that has been given through my support base. Thank-you for always giving generously, in prayer, finances and encouragement. My heart continues to be filled by the words and love from many of you!

A few last things before I close out this novel…
if any one would like to be added to my email list for updates please email me at wessalindsey@gmail.com
My desire is to invite you in, as closely as possible to the work here in Hoima, so I’d love to answer questions, keep you updated, pray for you, etc. through this medium.

  • There is still about $1,700 left to raise in order to cover my budget for this next year. I’ve been in awe as over $4,000 has already been provided for!
  • If any one would like to come alongside and partner financially you can easily do so through the link on the right with PayPal. You don’t have to have a PayPal account if you’d just like to pay through a debit/credit card.
  •  For tax deductible giving you can make your checks out to International Christian Center with Lindsey Wessa in the memo and mail it to this address:

International Christian Center
3614 NE 7th Place
Renton, WA 98056

(The funds will go directly to my account for missions)

Again, thank-you to every one who has participated in the process of getting me here. I am continually amazed by how well loved I am by those around me!

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