Thursday, October 18, 2012

He made for us a home

I wake up and walk down the dust filled roads of Hoima, they’re bustling with motos and a million different staring faces. The children in school are full of song and laughter. The young giggle and shout at us as we pass. At the school we’re greeted by the most adoring precious hearts. They are full of the desire to be held, tickled and loved. My desk is bathed in sun and the banter of the kids echoes throughout the office. This is home… and I couldn’t ask for a place of greater beauty.

At the house, everything is shared. From the shouts, laughter and cries from little Abby, to the food, toys, space and song. We don't all speak the same language but the love of our King sits us all at a table together. Power scarcely proves itself reliable and electronics often lay dead but that doesn't stop us from running around by candle light, fiercely fighting in an imaginary world of our own. Once the screaming and rough housing calms, we sit in an intense game of cards with the boys, until we are too tired to keep our eyes open. As we slip into slumber the howling from our eight pups stirs us awake until we drift into the next day ahead. This is my lifetime of adventures. It's rich, full of love and incredibly raw.

Thank-you God.

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