Tuesday, October 16, 2012

“the shoes set out are far too big”

A friend once used this to describe the work she’d been asked to do…

There hasn't been a day yet where I haven’t felt like I’m just stomping around in an oversized pair of sneakers. The shoes set out are far too big, in my natural understanding of what I’m asked to do. As I look at the work set out before me, both with UAOG and with the church here, I know I’ve been called to respond, not by the current set of abilities and talents that I have, but from the deficient space that exists that requires growth and a vision beyond what I can offer. I don’t want a smaller pair of shoes or something more comfortable. I want to see growth! There’s something so beautiful when those around you call out what they know exists, even when it may be cluttered with insecurity and the feeling of inadequacy. That is the same heart and voice of Christ.

N.T. Wright once said,
“worldview which is about ideas and self realization, which is rather popular in our day and age... discovering who I really am... for goodness sakes, Jesus didn't come to help me discover who I really am! He came to tell me who he knew I really was and to do something about it. And that is much better news.”
I can only thank God for these shoes that seem too big to fill, because He makes no mistake with the precision of size. He’s just waiting for us to walk with Him and see the miracle as He fills our shoes.

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