Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Handing over self-entitlement

I'm beginning to realize that it is easier to take everything as a gift instead of trying to own it as my right. Monday night we lost power twice, which inadvertently lead to our internet getting unplugged and therefore completely eliminating our connection for the last couple of days. Also, our water heater broke so I've been avoiding the 6:30am morning showers that chill right through my bones. Day one it was easy to feel like we were entitled to these things and therefore complain when they had been taken from us. Slowly but surely, I decided to take that time to reflect instead and eventually came to the conclusion that all of these commodities are truly gifts, so who am I to complain as if I own them and deserve them? It's been good allowing God to fine-tune and adjust my attitude in even the smallest of ways. Convenience has been so intricately woven into our american culture that these things truly become a thing of self-entitlement, well one way or another that will slowly become unraveled while I'm here. Although at times it is difficult, I am thankful still.

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