Saturday, August 20, 2011

torn skirts and tired eyes

The first 30 minutes into my time at the house and I already ripped my skirt playing soccer... this is going to be an exciting four months! Truly though, despite the grueling 12 hour flight from DC to Ethiopia we have reached the peak of the night in our excitement towards this next chapter. The house set up is pretty sweet and we're all just walking around from room to room talking about how much we love everything. Now we're starting to unpack and get ready for bed. We stayed up after our flight to fight the jet lag and it's definitely made this day feel never-ending! Besides that, Rwanda is beautiful. Our house is on a mountainside, it's quiet, has a peaceful feel to it too. Rwanda definitely seems a lot cleaner than Uganda and the people are more reserved, at least these are my first day comparisons. Tomorrow we're going to visit one of the local churches, learn the bus system and do some more orientation stuff. Then on Monday we begin classes! I guess our first class starts at 8am and then we have a lunch break and finish the afternoon off with our second class. I should probably get back to unpacking and settling in... thank-you for the prayers and encouragement!

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