Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've finally arrived

I feel like I've said goodbye to my friends a thousand times. It was interesting living in Kirkland, moving back home, coming up, moving back, and then finally flying out of Seattle. I guess it made things feel more surreal. But I'm here in DC now and I'm getting to know the group I will be living with for the next four months. For those of you who don't know what I'm up to, I'm studying abroad for a semester with a program called Go ED. I'm taking four different courses in Rwanda... Issues of Peace-building, Social Context for Community Development, African Traditional Culture and Religion, and Post-Colonial African Literature. In between the first two classes I will be doing a month long practicum where I will be doing hands on work out on the field in a position that I will later apply for. Right now, the group that is heading to Thailand is with us too. There is seven of us girls and one guy going to live in Kigali and I have a great feeling that we're going to have a blast together. One girl brought 4 frisbees, another girl is an outdoor nut and we are all already dying laughing at one another. The alumni from past semesters are also with us. It was really cool, one of the gals from last semester sang all of us a song she wrote about Rwanda and then each of the alum gave us words of wisdom for our time. It's so crazy to hear each of the past students as they comfort us in their words. One girl just said, "all you need to know is that it's going to be ok." I really like that one.

Anyways, tomorrow we are going to see some of the monuments and such, which I'm super excited for. Everyone here is from the East coast besides me and another girl from George Fox so I'm stoked to see this side of the country. Friday we leave for Rwanda and Saturday we will actually arrive in Kigali. Until then my friends, thanks for reading! I miss you all already!

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