Monday, August 22, 2011

time for school

Today was the first day of classes and although we've had a lot of reading on our plates for today I couldn't be more stoked for all the material in these courses. My first class of the day, Social Context of Development, which goes from 8-11am is taught by a professor who used to be the president of a non-profit called Food For the Hungry. Professor Jackson has more experience and knowledge in the area of development than I can even fathom so I know this class is gonna equip me in ways beyond what I could have possibly expected. Then my second class, Issues of Peacebuilding, which is from 1-3pm is taught by a Rwandan pastor. Thursday we are visiting one of the genocide memorials for that class and I already know this class is going to be difficult to process. Thank God though that through the difficulty I look forward to a tremendous deepening in my faith.

One little tid bit of the day... one of the girls invited me to go running with her before dinner, which I have already voiced my disdain for activities such as that AND I had just awoken from a nap but I decided to adhere to her request and take a jog out in the city with her. We went on all the dirt roads from our house, attempting to reach a church we visited and ended up taking a few wrong turns leaving us on a road where a bunch of kids were playing soccer. Well as we were approaching we already decided we were going to join them and as it ended up, we spent our whole time there until the dark threatened us! I can't even describe how fun it was to play with all the kids as they yelled "MZUNGU!" and constantly passed us the ball. They even clapped and cheered after every shot we'd make. It wasn't long until people were lining the streets watching these two white girls running around wildly with all the boys. I think we will definitely end up there again at some point. Alright, well it is getting late and class will be early so farewell and thanks for reading!

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