Saturday, June 26, 2010

Each day is a mystery to me. I am sure of 3 things, if it is a weekday from 8am til 1pm or 5pm I am at the school. If it is Friday there is prayer and if it is Sunday, there is church. Beyond that each day holds a new adventure for me. As much as it is exciting, it can be equally frightening. This last day at school was a difficult one. The students were so naughty and I was drained in every way. Sometimes the kids just suck everything out of you, leaving you tired and irritable. I was so thankful for our prayer time later that night. It was at this time that I realized I am feeling much more comfortable and at home here. I am becoming more in tune spiritually with the flow of things and it has helped me to relax and really allow God to move how He desires without feeling awkward or restrained by my American Christianity. Experiencing another culture has really shown me aspects of God and spirituality that I have never been exposed to. It is humbling to step outside of myself and the culture that I find so comforting. I am inspired to reach further and push harder as I learn to utilize my resources and talents. I have also been having dreams of returning home and sharing the tales and wonders of Africa.

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