Friday, June 18, 2010

I've waited so long to meet you

So I am going to try and share a little bit of my experiences with everyone, although I cannot promise that I will be able to do this often. I have finally arrived in Hoima, Uganda. After 2 days of flying, followed by a 4 hour car ride the next day, I am thoroughly pleased to be grounded! I didn't expect flying to be as awful as it was... I really didn't care for it. I got sick on my second flight, I felt nauseous for most of the traveling and was completely exhausted! Nevertheless, I am here and enjoying it very much. I met the children from the school today. They are the cutest things on the entire planet! My office will be at the school so I will be spending a lot of time with them. When I arrive they all giggle and shout "mazungo!" which means white person. Then they come up and touch my arms and skin to see if I am really human. Some just stare at me and giggle. Then when I left they said goodbye like 200 times in unison. I can't wait to be back there! A little bit earlier there was probably 75-100 kids running outside of my window shouting and screaming in celebration (although it could have been mistaken for terror) I think because school had just gotten out.
I still have jet lag, although I slept in pretty late today. I wake up around 5am so incredibly hungry for some reason. My body is still trying to adjust, I think it is still stuck in Washington! I have so much to say but I am leaving for a prayer meeting soon. The food has been crazy. My taste buds are experiencing culture shock. The first day I had authentic Singaporean food, then a Korean meal, as well as a Filipino meal and today I had an African lunch at a local shop. I had Jack Fruit, which is a sister fruit to the Durian fruit. It grows everywhere here. And some fresh Papaya from outside the house. They eat a lot of bread here too. The food is so interesting. When I eat it I am so full that I think I will never eat again but then like 25 or 30 minutes later I am so hungry again. So strange! Food is a very big thing here. I am enjoying everything, minus the bugs. Haha. It is all a big adjustment but I love it. The bathroom is a hole in the floor and I shower with a bucket. The family is so wonderful and very funny. Tomorrow and Sunday will be very big days. I am going to rest now.

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  1. Lindsey I'm so glad you've arrived safely and you haven't had too many problems. I hope that your body adjusts a little more everyday and it sounds like you are just beginning your awesome experiences. Love you, can't wait to hear more!