Saturday, June 19, 2010

Humor of the day

There are a lot of funny little things that happen throughout the day, I'll have to share a few of them with you. Well the first night I was in Hoima, Pastor Danny and I traveled with brother Stephen (he is a local) and me and him talked a little bit when we got to the house. He asked me if I exercised, I told him yes but only for my track training. He then said, "ah, I thought that you looked lazy." I laughed so hard and wondered how he figured that one out so quick... The culture here is much different because in Africa big is beautiful. So today I was showing the family my pole vault pictures and some video and they were so captivated that they wanted one of their workers, Vivian to see too. So she came and she was so surprised! She told me, "You are fat, but you can jump." Hahah, oh brother. Pastor Danny asked if in America that would be offensive and of course I said yes, so he explained to Vivian and she just thought that was crazy. She could not understand why being fat would be taken the way it was. I told them that there are Americans that are much larger than I, so if I was fat, I'd be curious to hear what they say of them. Haha. I spend a lot of time listening to the family and talking with the mother, Dovie. Sometimes when we go around town or whatever is planned for the day, we will just sit and talk for hours. This afternoon when I was sitting at the table talking after lunch, I was playing underneath the table with the place mat that was hanging over when all of a sudden a grasshopper flew from my lap into my face. I about pooed my skirt. I'm not talking about some small grasshopper, this thing was the size of at least two of my fingers. Everyone acted like it was normal, while my heart was beating faster than it had ever gone. The kids later ripped the legs off and played with it. Also, while in town today I passed this girl hard-core picking her nose... and I don't think it is a cultural thing. I couldn't help but laugh. It was an eventful day, we also did visitation and prayed for a lot of people. We traveled by foot from house to house to see different women. The first lady is a sister in the church who helps a lot. They are always so welcoming and excited to spend time with the foreigner. After our time together she gave me a pineapple as a gift. I can't explain how humbling it is. These people have houses the size of my bedroom and they have a whole family. They truly have nothing, and the little they do have, they offer as a blessing to the visitors. It touches my heart greatly. We also visited a woman who's child was very sick from Malaria. We got to pray for him and their situation. All these experiences are so new but they are teaching me a great amount about my faith. Eventually after we went to the market, we came back for lunch and had the most delicious meal. I was tired when I got back and accidentally fell asleep around 5pm and didn't wake up till 9pm. I couldn't believe it... my body is still adjusting. I am hoping that after a week I will feel normalish. Tomorrow we have church and I will get to meet everyone that has been praying for my arrival, I am very excited!

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  1. Isn't it funny that they called you fat and your nick is fatty. I think that is so cute. If we ate more foods more like them we would all be more slender. My thought is that there is no McDonald's or Starbucks in your area. Much less fat and a lot more vitamins then our processed high fructose foods we eat in america. Don't forget to get some recipes. Good health to you : ) Love you