Monday, June 28, 2010

The story of your grace

I had a nice day today where I got to spend a lot of time reflecting, just sitting with my thoughts. At the school there seems to always be a lot of down time. When the kids eat, play, watch videos, or whatever they are doing that isn't in class teaching there is time. I suppose it is easy to be bored around here with the lack of entertainment but I am soaking in this time to reflect and digest. I know I say this about every time but God knew exactly where I needed to be. I can't describe my appreciation for this family. Pastor Danny and Dovie mentor me in remarkable ways, every day. They may just count it as conversation but I am gaining a wealth of knowledge. I feel so comfortable too, Dovie is a woman of God I admire very much. I am glad I can be honest with her, it is something I cherish. I came to her with some troubles on my heart and she just sat me down and prayed with me... how wonderful is that? And the three boys (12yrs old, 9yrs old, and 6) they keep me very busy! Everyday I am here they are in my room, laying in my bed with me, fighting and talking while I catch up on email. I find myself in many boxing matches, hanging from door frames doing pull ups with them, and laughing as they run around tormenting one another. Meshach, the youngest one, seems to be very attached to me, almost literally. At the school, I have to fight to get my hand back from his grip. And at home when I come out of the bathroom, he is waiting me. Tonight, all three boys were in my bed and I finally told them I was going to sleep so they started to leave but Meshach hid in my pillows and tried refusing to leave. He tells me all the time that he wants to sleep in my room. Oh, and it is so funny... if I am leaving the school for any reason and I tell him I am leaving, he says, "What you're leaving?! Can I come to your home with you please? I am going to miss you!" ...Every time I tell him I am leaving he thinks I am flying back to America. Haha. It is always so interesting though, it seems that the times when I am tired and could use some alone time, the boys are around me 24/7. Then during the times when I want to play or goof around, they don't seem in the mood or are gone. It just makes me laugh. Anyways, I have another day tomorrow of teaching the kids math. I am praying for some rejuvenating rest and a successful day!

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