Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello Europe

I'm currently in Brussels Belgium with 3 hours to spare... I managed to find some free wi-fi, praise the Lord! And I am only 15hrs of flying away from Seattle. I don't mind the long layovers between flights, it's helped me to enjoy flying and to relax a little. I left Uganda at 11pm last night and arrived here about 7am. The red-eye flights are really my favorite. I get to fall asleep surrounded by a million beautiful stars and wake up during the sunrise over Rome. Everything is beautiful from above. The sky, the stars, the mountains, the blazing sun and the glorious landscape. I don't know how you could see all of this and not worship God for His creation. Beyond the beauty, my heart is already missing Africa. Saying good-bye to Dovie and Pastor Danny was not easy and as I waited for my flight out it all hit me like a heavy stone sitting at the bottom of my gut. Now I carry the weight of my experience with me, knowing I cannot forget Uganda or it's people. It's a beautiful thing being split in two. I am now apart of two countries with my heart longing for one, while my head brings me to the other. I suppose we need that tension in our lives to guard us from a stagnate faith and stale pursuit of God. We are small beings in a heavy world but we serve a mighty God.

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  1. Your blog is just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. Read it all in a day. :-)