Monday, July 12, 2010

time to pray

So I am not sure how many of you heard the news... but last night there was 3 bombings in Kampala at some of the bars that were showing the world cup final. I was there that day and 2 days previous in Kampala but left for Jinja in the evening before the bombings occurred. It was said to be an attack from the Somali terrorists and out of the three places bombed, one was a suicide bomber. One of the blasts occured at the Ethiopian village, in Kabalagala which is not far from the house. So far it has been reported that over 60 people have died and even more are injured. It is quite the tragedy really. I was shocked when Pastor Jeff told me the news this morning. Last night me and him both went out to watch the World Cup final, praise God we were in Jinja. Please be praying for the families of those whose lives were lost yesterday. I hope that no one is worried, as some of the pastors have received many calls asking about our safety. Everyone is well and safe here thanks to God's protection! Also, be praying for my travels tomorrow. Tomorrow is my last day in Uganda and I fly out at 11pm, arriving in America on Wednesday around 7pm. I am praying for a smooth 29 hrs of total travel. It has been such a wonderful experience here and it is hard to think about being away for so long until my next return. Soon I will be greeting you all from America. Praise God for his provision and protection!

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