Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take a look

Here are a couple of pictures of the set up of where I am at...

This is the school compound. I am that last classroom on the far right. I spend most days here from 8am-5pm. Then somedays I return again around 6pm for prayer, worship, or bible study.

The first two older girls are what I call trouble... ahem. I mean Lilian and Doreen. But they sure do cause me trouble. Fighting over chairs, crying over fights, and constant battles with the teacher. They are bright kids though and we manage to share laughs and have some good fun.

This is my room, normally it is invaded with the boys. There is no down comforter nor a need for one. A sheet is plenty of warmth for the night.

this is the Siega's house and compound. It's really a beautiful place and like a mansion compared to the mud huts and small shacks that surround us in the city. They have fresh papaya that grow from the trees as well as the nice and smelly Jack Fruit.

The hills of Hoima and coming rainstorms. I am surrounded by beauty here...

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